GRAND POWER TG vz.16 Heavy Machine Gun (DShKM) calibre 12,7x108mm

Main Characteristics:

 The DShKM heavy machine gun cal. 12,7x108mm is originally Russian production that replaced in army service older design heavy machine guns chambered for the same ammunition whereby now as a brand new modernized advanced version is under production in Slovak republic (EU) and offered as a portable or vehicle-mounted infantry support weapon. The DShKM is a gas operated, belt fed, air cooled machine gun that fires from an open bolt and in automatic mode only. The gas piston and chamber are located below the barrel; the gas piston is of the long stroke type and is attached to the bolt carrier. The gas chamber is fitted with a gas regulator, which requires a special wrench to make adjustments. The rear of the receiver houses two spring buffers, one for the bolt and one for the bolt carrier. The heavy barrel is finned for better cooling, and is fitted with a large muzzle brake. The barrel can be detached from the weapon and replaced quite fast and easily. The machine gun is chambered for 12,7x108mm ammunition and primarily designated for defeating the lightly armoured targets, fire installations and living force of enemy at the distance up to 1.500 – 3.500 m as well as for the defeat of slow-speed low-altitude air targets (helicopters, aircrafts, UAVs) at slant distances of up to 1.500 m.

GRAND POWER TG vz. 16 technical specification

Machine gun Type

Automatic Heavy Machine Gun


Standard 12,7x108mm (Ball, API, API-T, HEI)

Weight of weapon

34 kg (without support), 102 kg (with pick-up support)

Weapon length

1625 mm

Barrel length

1070 mm

Rate of fire

600-700 rounds/min (theoretical),

180 rounds/min (practical)

Muzzle velocity

850 m/s

Max. effective range

1800 – 3500 metres