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In addition to top technical background, thanks to which we can provide quality products, the company Grand Power s.r.o. also offers reliability. We meet all necessary measures for industrial safety.

Grand Power s.r.o. is the holder of the Entrepreneur Industrial Safety Certificate, Confidential Degree, issued by the National Security Authority. We can also provide our services to customers requiring the “classified“ confidential degree. So, the company Grand Power s.r.o. becomes an eligible technology supplier for customer with the above mentioned requirements to provide for their classified information.

We also have NCAGE Codification Code (NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity Code). This NATO Code is designed for manufacturers, suppliers and organizations. Codification is a process of obtaining, processing and updating information relating to a product (item), to the manufacturer of the product and supplier of the product in compliance with the NATO Codification System. This System is designed for product codification (i.e. naming, classification, identification and assigning the NATO NSN Stock Number to a supply item); the main purpose is: to achieve maximal efficiency in national and international logistic support and to facilitate data management in material area, to reduce stocks and to keep the required amount of stock under control.

The company Grand Power s.r.o. protects their products as well as identity, and therefore the company holds several patents, utility models and trademarks.